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Australia has a natural attraction for job-seekers. The continent needs skilled workers and for that it issues working visas effectively. The country is known for its amazing growth in the job sector. With amazing job opportunities, workers get attracted towards this country like swarms of bees.
In 2013, the government of Australia started the General Skilled Migration Program in place of the Australian skilled worker visas. Skilled workers are given the first preference in this program and they easily qualify to get a visa. You can get to know more about it at
For that, they need to submit an Expression of Interest to a program called SkillSelect. The government of Australia or the employer may nominate the applicant for it.
The Skillset is designed in a way to check the skills of applicants under a point-based system. It ensures that only workers who have the required skills get selected. The applicants are marked under the following criteria:
The applicants must be below 45 years to be eligible for this and have minimum job experience of two years. Their work duration depends upon the requirement of the employee.
The people need to follow many steps to get Australia Work permit. They should seek the help of a professional agency to get the Visa processed. The reason is that Australian immigration laws are complex.
The applicants need to meet several criteria when they apply for the work permit visa. The steps are as follows:
So, appearing for the IELTS is an excellent step to get a work permit in Australia. It takes 2-5 months to process it. The applicants may travel to Australia for work purpose only after the Visa is processed.
General Requirements:
The requirements depend upon the type of work visa for which the candidate is applying. The applicants should seek the help of an Australian Immigration Specialist.
Some general requirements are as follows:
Required Documents:
The applicants need to submit a few essential documents to get an Australian Visa. The papers are as follows:
Visa Fees:
The fees are subject to change. They are increasing gradually.
In case the price increases between the date when the applicant lodges the application and the immigration department receives it, he or she would need to pay the revised fees. However, the applicant needs to ensure that he or she has available funds to cover surcharges.
Types Of work visa:
There are different types of work visa in Australia. Some of the are as follows:
The requirement for each type is different.
Application Fees:
The applicants need to keep in mind that they need to pay the application charges in Australian dollars. The amount will be delivered along with the application.
Conclusion: People should seek professional help to get a work visa for Australia. The professional makes the work visa process smooth.
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